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This Changes Everything - "Resurrection" (Sermon Notes)

1 Corinthians 15:3-8; Mark 16:1-7; Matthew 28:11-15; John 20:24-27

Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  1. Witnesses

  2. Women

  3. Jews

  4. The Source of the Story

  5. Joseph of Arimathea

  6. How the story is written

  7. There was no shrine for Jesus

  8. It is not written like a legend

  9. The physical touch and presence of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus was a historical event!

Luke 24:13-27, 33

The resurrection of Jesus was an unexpected event!

Acts 2:22-24, 32-33, 36-41

The resurrection of Jesus was a catalytic event!

Acts 18:5-8


The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything!

Jesus literally, physically, visibly, actually rose from the dead and the world has never been the same. That historic fact is the foundation of our faith!

  • If you believe this, then truth is clarified for you!

  • If you believe this, be moved to faith that it means something, personally, to you!

  • If you believe this, repent!

  • Acknowledge your sins to God!

  • Ask for His forgiveness!

  • Commit to live differently!

  • If you believe this, commit to Jesus!

  • Mark your commitment

  • Be baptized, or re-baptized!

  • Obey His commands because you love Jesus!

  • When am I ready?

  • The day Peter preached, people believed and were baptized. This pattern continued.

  • You are ready when you hear about Jesus, believe what you hear and believe in Him!

  • How?

  • Be lowered into the water, fully, just as Jesus was baptized, and just as He fully left sin in the grave!

  • Going into the water... represents sharing in Jesus’s death.

  • Being in the water... represents sharing in Jesus’ rest... your old self, put to death, remaining in the grave, never to live again.

  • Coming out of the water... represents sharing in Jesus’s resurrection! Your new life begins!

  • If you believe this, and do this... then the resurrection will change everything for you!

  • If this is what you want, please contact me at, or William Earnhardt at

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