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Truly Worshiping God Means Truly Trusting Him

Tuesday’s section of this week’s lesson asks,

“How can we make sure we aren’t involved in any false worship?”

It seems the question between true worship and false worship boils down to who we really trust. For example, the children of Israel turned to Aaron’s golden calf when they didn’t trust Moses to return. Saul trusted his own sacrifices when he didn’t trust Samuel to show up. When David numbered his army it showed he trusted in numbers more than God. So, how can we make sure we aren’t involved in any false worship now? One way is by relying upon God now instead of or own works or inventions.

Do I return an honest tithe, or withhold some or all to put bread on my family’s table, instead of trusting Jesus to put bread on my family’s table?

If I return an honest tithe than I am truly worshiping Jesus. If I withhold tithe to provide for myself then I am trusting my money instead of Jesus. I am worshiping money which has become my false God. Notice I am not worshiping it necessarily because I love money more, but simply because I trust money more than I trust God.

Do I work on the Sabbath because my family needs the money, or do I rest from my works on the Sabbath and put my trust in God to provide?

Same issue as tithe, right? It all comes down to trust. What makes us think we will be true to God’s Sabbath during the mark of the beast, when we are not even keeping it during times of peace and prosperity? If I think my job is going to save me then I am worshiping my job, which is false worship. By resting from my works on Sabbath I am trusting God and thus truly worshiping Him.

While taking a test do I cheat to make sure I pass, or do I trust Jesus to work things out for me even if I fail?

Even if we fail a test or even have to take a class over, God can work all that out for our own good. We truly worship God in school as we truly trust Him in school.

When I make a mistake do I try to lie my way out, or do I tell the truth and trust Jesus to save me?

Revelation 21:8 says all liars will be in the lake of fire. We can’t say we trust Jesus while trusting our lies to save us. When we lie we worship our lies instead of worshiping Jesus.

False systems of worship seem to come from not trusting what God has already set in place. When we learn to trust Jesus we won’t need counterfeit systems of worship.

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